servo tester

servo tester


  • Output current: ≤ 15 mA;
  • Input voltage: 4.8-6V;  
  • The output of ± 1,5 ms 0.5 ms;  
  • Dimensions: 42 x 48 x 20 mm  
  • Weight: 12 g
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Servo Tester (cervotester) - an instrument designed to verify that the actuator, determine its extreme angles, speed of movement, the minimum step.

The device consists of a pulse generator, the respective control channel impulse radio receiver path.  

To control the pulse width of the variable resistor is used, as well as using the cycles can be selected five fixed operating points:

The control signal conveys information about the desired position of the output shaft. The shaft is connected with a potentiometer, which defines its position. Servo controller on the resistance of the potentiometer and the control signal value determines in which direction you want to rotate the motor to get the right position of the output shaft. Thus, for servo control, we need to form PWM with a frequency of 50 hertz.

The essence of the servotestera : PWM is generated using the microcontroller ATMega8, and a drive signal is generated by a potentiometer. Control signals for the servo controller are formed on the legs. Modes of operation of the device switch button.

  • 1 - position servo pulse potentiometer
  • 2 - given the middle position servos
  • 3 - drive signal cycles varies from one extreme position to another.

Power Servo Tester with the battery pack voltage 6..12V.

Servo Tester can be very useful to the creators of robots, as it allows to start the drive and check the functioning of the model before it is ready to control electronics. For example, it is very convenient when creating a radio-controlled models.

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