MT3608 Boost DC/DC voltage converter

MT3608 Boost DC/DC voltage converter


  • The maximum output current: 2A
  • Input voltage: 2V ~ 24V
  • The maximum output voltage: 28V
  • Efficiency: up to 93%
  • Dimensions: 36 mm x 17 mm x 14 mm
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MT3608 boost DC / DC converter supply voltage is useful when the power supply voltage is insufficient for your device.  

MT3608 Boost pulse converter is designed for voltages up to 28 volts with a load current up to 2A from the low voltage of the voltage source.

The input MT3608 step-up DC / DC converter voltage is applied from 2 to 24 V. The regulator on the board to select the desired converter output voltage up to 28 V.

The source of power MT3608 step-up DC / DC converter can be:

  • solar battery;
  • Hand dynamo generator;
  • mobile external battery;
  • Power Supply AC / DC output 2 - 24V.

With MT3608 step-up DC / DC converter You can easily get the desired voltage level to your device

Application up-regulated voltage converter MT3608 2V 28V 2A:

  • For amateur radio operators in the construction of various power sources with their own hands.
  • In hikes, trips, expeditions, trips to provide power, lighting and charging various devices.
  • In the design and repair of electronic devices.
  • To create a mobile charger, powered by batteries or batteries AA, AAA, Li-Ion battery. Such charging device may be used to power the charging and various mobile devices.   
  • As a voltage regulator for various electrical equipment.  
  • Can be used in conjunction with solar panels.

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