ir2104 chip

ir2104 chip

  • Type: key driver of the lower and upper levels
  • The supply voltage range 10 ... 20V drivers
  • Lock voltage reduction
  • 5V input logic with triggers Schmitt
  • The logic of preventing cross-conduction
  • The bias voltage less than 600V VOFFSET
  • The output voltage VOUT drivers 10 - 20V
  • On Time. / off. 680/150 ns
  • Pause 520 ns
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Code: 220

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IR2104 - driver high, high-speed MOSFETs and IGBT-transistors with the dependence of the output channels of the lower and upper levels.

Datasheet on ir210 chip .

The control channels ir2104 chips designed to be loaded operation.

The IC is insensitive to negative voltage transients.

Logic input ir2104 chips is compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL output. Driver outputs are high pulse current buffer stage that performed to minimize conduction counter driver. An output channel may be used to control the N-channel power MOSFET or IGBT-transistor with a supply voltage of 10 ... upper layer 600B.

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