Evaluation board Avr Development Board

Evaluation board Avr Development Board

  • Backplane
  • LCD display 16x2.
  • Microcontroller Atmega16
  • Contact Set and colored plume for making jumpers
  • Set of four quartz on 32768kGts, 8MHz, 12MHz, 16MHz
  • Digital Temperature Sensor DS18b20
1120 грн
Code: 44

The on-board multiple interfaces , as well as connected to the microcontroller pins conclusions , makes cost not only useful for novice developers , but also for experienced programmers, making it possible to start writing software before , as will "iron" of the future project . With the included USB card programmer USB asp, with which you can quickly and easily sew your microns. The board has all the necessary components for a quick start and provides the opportunity to increase the scheme due to the layout area .

To the board installed :

  • ZIF socket . Thanks to it , you can easily install any controller in DIP package
  • LCD WH1602 ( usually use for debugging output use information )
  • 7 - segment display 4 digits
  • squeaker with transistor key (used for voice or what ) < li> 8 independent buttons with controlled tightening
  • column LEDs ( can be used as an indicator of progress )
  • potentiometers 10 and 100 ohms ( the first leg and a jumper connects ADC )
  • Connector necessary for debugging projects with software interface USB.
  • power the board from USB, there stabilizer 3.3V voltage jumper selectable

Meal evaluation board

The board can be powered from an external source of AC or DC power in the range from 5 to 30 volts, 5 volts and can be taken from the programmer .