Wattmeter TS 837

Wattmeter TS 837

  • The range of energy measurement: 0-3680 W
  • Phase: single phase
  • Output voltage: 230 V AC
  • The voltage range: 190-276 B
  • The maximum operating current of 16 A
  • Minimum current: 0.005 A
  • Display Type: LCD
  • The frequency of the screen: 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm
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Code: 585

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Currently, one of the major problems is that energy efficiency and energy savings, in particular - in the home. To plan your expenses, it is helpful to know how much power does a particular appliance. This is particularly true of energy-consuming appliances, such as heaters, water heaters, or strong backlight plants in greenhouses.

Wattmeter + Power Meter and meter energy consumption is designed to measure the power consumption of electric power and control its quantity.

Display Modes Wattmeter + meter energy consumption :

  • Time / Power / Display the cost of electricity
  • Time / Quantity of electricity consumed / number of days
  • Time / Voltage / frequency
  • Time / current / power factor
  • Time / minimal power
  • Time / Maximum power
  • Time / Stoimoct electricity consumed (the rate is set manually)
  • Display overload when the input load of more than 3680 W

Purpose buttons Wattmeter + meter energy consumption :

  • "OK" - switching "12/24 hours"
  • "N / A +" - setting Overflow Warning
  • "M / -" - the module installation time
  • "SET" - setting function (used in conjunction with other buttons)

Using Wattmeter + meter energy consumption :

  • Connect to a household appliance to assess their energy efficiency
  • The calculation of electric costs by day, week, month or year
  • Visual display value to control costs in everyday life

Common areas of application Wattmeter + meter energy consumption :

  • in the selection of the uninterruptible power supply in computer technology - to know how to consume the system unit and the monitor;
  • wiring the power cable (the selection of the desired cross-section) - to know how much feed will consume him devices.

Control your costs with Wattmeter + meter energy consumption !

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Ваттметр працюе, функції свої виконуе. Інструкція тільки на англійський мові, але розібратися не складно. Друге діло, що я  просив ще інструкцію від інвертора 3000 Вт. Менеджер сказав - да, без проблем, скопіюєм і покладем у посилку з ваттметром. Нема.