2004 LCD module for Arduino

2004 LCD module for Arduino

  • Type: LCD display with backlight
  • Number of lines: - 4
  • Characters per line: 20
  • Supports Latin and Cyrillic
  • Interface: compatible with HD44780; ICC
  • The potentiometer to adjust the contrast
  • Analog outputs: 3pc - A0-A2
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Module dimensions: 9.8 x 6 x 3 cm
  • Screen size: 7.6 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight Module: 80 g
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Code: 589

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LCD 2004 module for Arduino is used to convert signals from controllers and sensors in the graphical information.

To use LCD 2004 module for Arduino should be based on it to collect the layout (to connect to the controller, power supply, etc.). Then you need to create a program to work with the display. At the end customize and start working.

Work with the Cyrillic alphabet has a number of features due to the fact that the source code for the Arduino software is stored in UTF-8, which does not correspond to the symbol table in the LCD. To indicate Cyrillic their octal codes, in accordance with the syntax of C / C ++. You can also use the library Liquid Crystal Rus which allows you to use Russian characters in UTF-8 to the display.

The board LCD 2004 module for Arduino has LED POWER, it glows when the unit is powered on. The board also has a jumper LED, which turns on and off the display. The board LCD module 2004 has a potentiometer, it can be used to change the contrast of the display.

Manage LCD module, 2004 by using Arduino-controller or other control of microprocessor devices with special programs. It is also possible to control the display via the interface HD44780 and without IIC module.

LCD 2004 module for Arduino has three interfaces for connecting the display:

  • 4-bit interface HD44780, kotory has 16 pins:
    • Vss - common GND;
    • Vdd - food;
    • VO - contrast setting;
    • RS - data and commands;
    • RW - read and write;
    • E (Enable) - inclusion;
    • DB0 - DB7 line data;
    • LEDA - highlighting the anode;
    • LEDK - cathode lighting.
  • ICC port (Inter-Integrated Circuit) - serial data bus for communication integrated circuits. Has 4 O:
    • SCL (Serial CLock),
    • SDA (Serial DAta),
    • GND,
    • VCC.
  • IIC, I2C, TWI SPI, analog outputs A0, A1, A2.

Power LCD 2004 module for Arduino is carried out or Arduino controller (another microprocessor control unit), or from an external power supply (power supply, battery). Power supply module 5 B.

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