Accumulator battery SANTAKUPS FCG 12-200 (GEL)

Accumulator battery SANTAKUPS FCG 12-200 (GEL)

  • Type: Gel batteries
  • Rated voltage: 12 V
  • The nominal capacity of 200 Ah
  • The internal resistance of 2.5 milliohms
  • Dimensions: 522 x 240 x 219 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg
9045 грн
Code: 606

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Battery SANTAKUPS FCG 12-200 (GEL) is a sealed lead-acid battery, the electrolyte is in the form of gel (technology GEL - gel electrolyte). Thanks to this technology, battery SANTAKUPS FCG 12-200 (GEL) does not require periodic maintenance, and the presence of a safety valve to protect the battery from excess pressure in the body due to overcharging.

Battery SANTAKUPS FCG 12-200 (GEL) has a high capacity and long service life. Battery installation and easy to maintain.

The use of battery SANTAKUPS FCG 12-200 (GEL) :

  • In an uninterruptible power supply to the communication facilities, power plants and distribution substations in the energy sector;
  • In emergency power supply systems;
  • In solar and wind power plant .

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