Solar battery KDM 150

Solar battery KDM 150

  • Brand KDM
  • Type Polycrystalline
  • Model KD-P150
  • China's production country (class A)
  • Nominal solar power 150 W
  • Voltage at maximum power 18 V
  • Current at a maximum power of 8.6 A
  • No-load voltage 22 V
  • Short-circuit current 8.6 A
  • Number of elements 36
  • Dimensions of the solar battery (mm) 1482x670x30
  • Weight 10.5 kg
2940 грн
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Product Description The solar battery KDM 150

This standard size solar panel for power modules 150 W, with cell efficiency of 18%.

solar battery KDM 150 suitable for both residential and commercial projects as well as for power plants.

Series KDM 150 strong modules have been independently tested for harsh environmental conditions, such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia, hail and other known risk factors.