wind turbine controller GreenChip WS3000S

wind turbine controller GreenChip WS3000S

  • Manufacturer GreenChip (Ukraine)
  • battery charging Voltage 12/24/36/48 volts (automatic detection)
  • Current consumption controller 10 ma
  • ballast current up to 50 A
  • Maximum power up to 2.5 KW
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Shema controller connection vetrogeneratora

This wind turbine controller automatically determines the number of the connected battery (12v / 24v / 36v / 48v).

Principle of operation . Controller dynamically checks the battery charge voltage .. controller ensures that the voltage does not rise above the allowable . If the voltage exceeds the norm, the duty cycle of the PWM signal is increasing and energy thrown off by the ballast . All the excess energy that is produced by a wind turbine , the controller redirects to the ballast (it can be any ten for water heating ) Important : Ballast must be chosen so that when a charged battery controller can download windmill , otherwise he will go into the dressing . on the LED display shows the charging voltage of the battery.

Installation .
Connecting battery :
Need to connect the battery plus battery connected to terminal "Battery +" , minus the battery to the terminal " Battery - " . Thereafter, the controller determines the number of connected batteries , and turn on the corresponding LED will emit a certain number of beeps equal to the number of connected battery.

Connecting Wind turbines : Wind turbine connected to the " Input + " and " Log - " . ( If you have a wind generator AC , then it must first be connected to the rectifier , and then connect the controller )

Connecting the Ballast : Ballast connected to the " ballast +" and " Ballast - " .

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