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All of clean energy has its drawbacks. There is a high cost of solar installations in the wind - the wind impermanence. Therefore, for an autonomous supply of energy is often used combined, the so-called hybrid system.

The charge controller - a device that regulates the flow of charge from the sources of power for the batteries. He is one of the main parts of the plant. Controller functions consist in preserving battery resources and increase energy production. Now mainly used two types of controllers:

  • PWM - Pulse-width modulation and
  • MPPT - find the point of maximum power (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

The PWM controller changes the voltage by changing the duty cycle (ratio of duration to frequency).

MPPT controllers change the voltage due to voltage converter, which is controlled by a microcontroller according to the algorithm for tracking the maximum power point (the ratio of current * voltage should be the maximum)

Hybrid Controller battery charge - a device that is to be governed by the process of charging batteries from solar panels and a wind turbine on - the wind turbine. Using the Hybrid Controller allows you to increase the efficiency of the whole system and, in particular, the charging process - it increases the number of energy sources.

Features Hybrid Controller :

  • Perfect protection function
  • Easy control parameters and operations
  • Protection against high current charge
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Mode unloading - transfer of excess energy to the work load, which provides a safe battery charging process

The controller battery charge is an important element of photovoltaic or combined (wind / photo) power supply system.

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