Ethernet W5100 for Arduino board

Ethernet W5100 for Arduino board


  • Ethernet controller: W5100 buffer 16K;          
  • Hours of operation voltage - 5V (supplied from the Arduino board);  
  • Speed Connection 10/100 Mbps;  
  • Support TCP and UDP;  
  • work simultaneously with 4 socket connections;  
  • compatibility with Arduino Duemilanove (168 or 328), all versions: 2009, UNO, mega 1280, mega 2560;  
  • built-in slot for flash card format micro-SD;  
  • is connected to the Arduino on SPI
  • Sizes: 7cm x 5.4cm x 2.4cm.
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Ethernet W5100 board for Arduino allows for a few minutes to connect the Arduino to the Internet. It's enough to just connect the module to the Arduino, connect it to the RJ-45 cable

Ethernet W5100 board for Arduino can be easily connected, you just need to place it on the dock and Arduino pins. Next, connect the network cable to the Ethernet Shield and USB from the computer to the Arduino. You can start working.

Arduino communicates with The W5100 and SD-memory card for one SPI-bus (via the ICSP).  

In board Ethernet W5100 uses a standard network connector RJ45.

The reset button is located on the board resets Arduino with the controller W5100.

Also board Ethernet W5100 There are several LED indicators:

  • PWR: indicates that supply to the main unit and expansion cards
  • LINK: lights up if there is a connection to the network; blinking while transmitting or receiving data
  • FULLD: lights up when the network connection supports full-duplex operation
  • 100M: lights up when the network connection belongs to a class of 100 MB / s (as opposed to of 10 MB / s)
  • RX: flashes during data acquisition
  • TX: flashes in the process of sending data
  • COLL: inform the collision detection network

Ethernet card can generate interrupt signals that enable Arduino notified about different events that occur in the module W5100.

Ethernet W5100 board for Arduino extends the Arduino and provide you with a huge field for creativity. Can be used as a simple Web-server or view the status of any sensors on the Web, as well as remote management of devices via the Internet.

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