ZIF socket 28 pin

ZIF socket 28 pin

Features :

  • The number of contacts: 28;
  • contact plating: tin plating;
  • Contact Resistance: 10 Ohms;
  • the maximum current: 1A;
  • step grooves: 2.54 mm;
  • allowable distance between the rows of pins of chips: 11 - 18.7 mm;
  • allowable temperature: -55 - 150 ° C;
  • Panel Size: 50 x 23 x 12 mm;
  • panel weight: '16
56 грн
Code: 292

ZIF socket 28 pin with zero insertion force is used to connect chips, executed in DIP package, a programmer and devices for testing circuits.

In order to use ZIF panel it is necessary to connect the bottom of terminal block to the programming device or a device for testing circuits. Installation is carried out by soldering or the releasable setting. Next you need to connect a terminal or device for testing chips to the computer. Fixing the chip in the panel with a simple snap-lock handle.

Connectors ZIF panel :

  • connector to the programming device or a device for testing circuits. Has 28 feet of contact for soldering or split installation;
  • connector for the microcontroller or chipset. Has 28 slots contacts, which can be fixed or chip microcontrollers with a pen-holder.

Installation of chips in wide and narrow-DIP from DIP8 to DIP28.

Power ZIF panel 28 pin is provided by the programmer or a device for testing circuits.