A2212 KV2700 Engine

A2212 KV2700 Engine

  • Use: model airplane
  • Material: Composite Materials
  • Type: brushless motor
  • Model: KV2700
  • Shaft diameter: 3.17 mm.
  • The number of drives: 4
  • No-load current: 10 B / 0.5 A
  • The maximum current of 12 A / 60
  • The peak current (ESC): 30 A
  • Battery: 2-3 Li-Poly / 6-9 Ni-MH / Ni-CD
  • The use of propellers with 8 x 4.5 "; 9 x 4.5"; 10x4.5 "; 10x4.7"; 7x4.5 "
  • Efficiency:> 75%.
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A2212 KV2700 is a brushless motor (brushless) series motor A2212 - KV2700 KV. This is the best choice for almost all elektric aviamodels on the scale of 1/10. With this engine Your model will be ultra-fast!

The main characteristic of A2212 KV1400 brushless motors is a KV. This value shows how much the engine makes revolutions per minute without load, so, without the propeller at a voltage of 1 V. Based on the record KV, selected certain types of screws and KV2700. Thus, you can create your aircraft with characteristics that are necessary for you.

Features A2212 KV2700 brushless motors :

  • The combination of huge power and extraordinary efficiency
  • External contacts for easy soldering wire
  • High torque, heat-resistant neodymium rotor
  • The special design of the stator provides a smooth linear increase in torque
  • A simple and convenient installation using 4 points
  • The resource is many times more than a comparable brushed motor
  • Easily replaceable bearings and a rotor
  • Compatible with any speed controller for brushless motors

A2212 KV2700 brushless motor can be successfully used on such aircraft as the quadrocopters all kinds, airplanes, helicopters, etc.

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