PicKit 2 programmer + ZIF-board for the PICkit 2 (PICkit 3)

PicKit 2 programmer + ZIF-board for the PICkit 2 (PICkit 3)

Features PicKit 2 programmer:
  • USB 2.0 (USB Type A)     
  • OS Compatibility - Win98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Se7en     
  • Ability to power from the USB programmable device computing system     
  • Function USB-UART converter     
  • Function Logic Analyzer     
  • High Voltage Programming     
  • The calibration function is constant RC oscillator     
  • Firmware microcontroller simply pressing a button on the programmer     
  • Update firmware via USB Programmer     
  • Official support software from Microchip MPLAB IDE and PICkit 2 Programmer     
  • LED power ON Power (green)     
  • The status LED R / W (red)     
  • Miniature size 83h30 mm
  Features ZIF-board for the PICkit 2 (PICkit 3):
  • Direct connection type (no wires)
  • Type DIP adapter universal  
  • Compatible with chips in buildings: DIP6, DIP8, DIP14, DIP16, DIP20, DIP24, DIP28, DIP32, DIP40.  
  • Lead Spacing: 2,54mm.  
  • The distance between the rows of pins: 5 mm to 17.5 mm.
550 грн
Code: 317

PICkit2 - programmer with USB 2.0 support for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

PICkit2 is running its own shell «PICkit 2 Programmer» or under the control of the development environment MPLAB IDE.  

programmer PICkit2 is a full debugger and has a number of additional functions. Consider the major ones.

  • Wide range of supported chips.

    USB programmer PICkit2 allows you to erase, program and verify program memory and EEPROM, set protection code, edit the contents of the Flash and EEPROM microcontroller and program memory chip EEPROM, CAN-drivers.

  • In-Circuit Programmer.

    programmer PICkit2 allows you to program Internally almost all Flash microcontrollers Microchip.

  • In-Circuit Debugger.

    programmer PICkit2 running MPLAB IDE development environment can act as in-circuit debugger, ie allows you to run the program, step by step execution of commands, set breakpoints microcontroller, as well as view and change the status of special function registers and memory debugging microcontroller PIC.

  • «UART Tool»

    allows you to use PICKit2 programmer to transfer data between the microcontroller and the computer being debugged by UART.

  • The function «Programmer-To-Go»

    allows writing in memory PICkit2 program "firmware" microcontroller to program any PIC push of a button, without using a PC (only required power from a USB PC or USB-autonomous power supply).

  • Function Logic Analyzer

    «Logic Tool» allows you to create impact and monitor the status of the signals of the developed device.

Learn more about PICkit 2 in-circuit programmer can be read here .

PicKit2 - in-system programming. But not all are equipped with in-circuit board ICSP interface and do not always have the opportunity to place it on the board for such purposes to the programmer will need an adapter for external flash microcontrollers.

ZIF-board for the PICkit 2 (PICkit 3) is designed to work in conjunction with the popular PICkit 2 programmer (PICkit 3).

The programmable chip in the DIP from 8 to 40 pins are set in a universal ZIF-panel. Each of the 40 pins ZIF-panel connected to two pin connector for switching signals, connect the pins, etc. In ZIF-board for the PICkit 2 (PICkit 3) has a connector for an external power supply, crystal, LED.

The output connector is fully consistent with PICkit 2 programmer connector (3) and also Yu.P. pin connector.

Based on the PICkit 3 in-circuit programmer and ZIF-board for the PICkit 2 (PICkit 3) You can create a compact device with MDM can "flash" in almost any microcontroller DIP- package.

When the MK should pay attention to the fact that the microcontroller in the panel is positioned so that the key was on the chip side of the locking lever ZIF-panel.