Quartz crystal clock 32.768 kHz

Quartz crystal clock 32.768 kHz


  • the frequency of 32.768 kHz
  • has two output  
  • the size of 2x6 mm
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    A quartz crystal has unique properties: Compressive it generates an electrical impulse, and when an electric current is compressed quartz. Thus, the crystal can be forced to shrink, decompress, i.e. oscillate under the influence of an electric current. The selection of the size of the crystal achieve resonance frequency 32768 gerts.Generator produces 32,768 electrical oscillations per second.

    This quartz resonator on the frequency of 32.768 kHz in the barrel 2x6 mm with two terminals, mainly used in the real-time clock (RTC) and other electronics for precise timing.

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