Portable Battery Charger (PowerBank) 8x18650

Portable Battery Charger (PowerBank) 8x18650

PowerBank 8x18650 specifications:
  • Battery: 8x 18650 3.7V Li-ion (not included)
  • Input: MicroUSB DC 5 V 1A
  • Outputs: USB 5V 1A + USB 5V 2A
  • Size: 17 * 8 * 2.2cm
  • Material: non-flammable, ABS plastic
  • Additional functions: By double pressing the button on. flashlight.
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Code: 1052

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Many of us have often faced the problem of charging a mobile phone battery or other gadgets during any trips. What should I do if I need to recharge the battery in a situation where there are no familiar and affordable sources of energy? For such cases, you simply need a Power Bank portable charger .

Key features of the Power Bank portable charger :

  • power saving function;
  • protection against short circuit and overcharge of batteries;
  • Compact size and reliability.

Portable Battery Charger (PowerBank) 8x18650

Power Bank runs on high-capacity 18650 batteries.

PowerBank 8x18650

The RV77 Portable Charger will help you charge your gadget when there is no outlet nearby.

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