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TCB 7.4 В 1300 мАч 70C  battery

TCB 7.4 В 1300 мАч 70C battery

Characteristics: TCB 11.1 В 3500 мАч 25C battery
  • Manufacturer: TCB
  • Balancing connector: JST-XH
  • Power Connector: T-Deans (T-plug)
  • Material: LiPo
  • Rated capacity: 1300 mAh
  • Voltage: 7.4 V
  • The number of cells: 2
  • current output: 25 C
  • Dimensions: 90*34*13 mm
  • Enclosure Type: Soft
  • Weight: 94 g
Count Price
Code: 1003

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TCB 7.4 В 1300 мАч 70C battery is a 2-Power battery jar.

Key features TCB 7.4 В 1300 мАч 70C battery :

  • The unique technology of production of electrodes
  • Innovative electrolyte formula
  • High current discharge at small size and weight
  • The use of new nickel-plated copper electrodes, significantly reduced internal resistance. This TCB 7.4 В 1300 мАч 70C obladaet excellent performance, high current output, even at low temperatures.
  • The modern ultrasonic welding technology provides an excellent connection between the cells for power transmission without loss
  • Each battery passes rigorous testing (for capacity, voltage and resistance) to guarantee impeccable quality

TCB 7.4 В 1300 мАч 70C - a small and lightweight, but powerful enough battery. Very suitable as a power or car power. Can be used for helicopters, cars airplane models.

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