Solar Controller

Controller solar battery CMTP02-30a

Controller solar battery CMTP02-30a

  • Rated charging current - up to 30 A
  • Power - 12V / 24V Auto
  • The maximum input voltage 55V
  • Power consumption <5ma
  • Control Method - PWM intelligent charging
  • Power absorption period - 13.2; 26.2 In
  • The constant voltage charge - 13.6; 27.2 In
  • Operating temperature - from -35 ° C to +65 ° C;
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CMTP02-20A controller is a PWM charge controller to charge the battery from the photovoltaic (solar). It combines the functionality and low cost. Solar Controller is designed with a microcontroller for automatic lighting control.
It implements the following functions:
  • The overload protection;
  • Anti-night battery discharge reverse current
  • It has automatic control mode that extends the life of the system;
  • The intuitive interface LED indicates the status of the system, which allows the user to easily get information about the system;
  • The timer and light sensor;
  • The charge current up to 30 A;
  • Automatic selection modes 12/24 V.
    4 LEDs
    Green: The battery
    Red: battery charging
    LED timer: time charge-discharge

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