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BLDC engine KV50 15 kW

BLDC engine KV50 15 kW

  • Model Number: 12090
  • Type: brushless motor
  • KV: 50
  • Maximum Power: 15KW-18KW
  • Max AMP: 200A
  • ESC: 300 / 380A
  • Max. voltage: 70V
  • Without load current: 16,5V
  • Resistance: 64 Ohm
  • Size: 120x90 (without the shaft)
  • Stator: 40 mm
  • Weight: 2,835 kg
  • Shaft: 10 mm
20880 грн
Code: 1076

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BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt

BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt

BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt (brushless) is a DC motor without a collector, in which collector functions are performed by electronics. The brushless DC motor has a three-phase winding on the stator, and a permanent magnet on the rotor. The principle of BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt is that the stator winding creates a rotating magnetic field and magnetic rotor interacting with it starts to move. To achieve this, a three-phase system of voltages is fed to the stator winding, which can have different shapes and is formed in various ways.

To form the supply voltage (switching of the windings) of BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt you need a special electronic control unit. Controller commutes the stator windings in such way that the vector of the stator magnetic field is constantly at an angle of 120° to the vector of the magnetic field of the rotor.

    The advantages of the BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt are:
  • the ability to develop great speed;
  • low weight;
  • compactness;
  • high efficiency;
  • low power consumption;
  • less heat during operation;
  • Good abrasion resistance.

One of the most important parameters of a BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt is the rotational speed of the motor shaft KV (r/V), i.e. this value shows the ratio of the motor speed (rpm) to the supply voltage (V).

Brushless motors 12090 are often used in aircraft modeling (aircraft, helicopters, quadcopters).

To control BLDC motor KV50 15kwatt uses a special 380A 22s controller which regulates speed of the motor shaft and other important operating parameters.

BLDC motor KV50 15kwt BLDC motor KV50-15kwatt

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