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BMS Charge Controller 3S 12.6V 25A

BMS Charge Controller 3S 12.6V 25A

  • Maximum discharge current: 25 A
  • Maximum peak current: 35 - 40 A
  • Maximum charger current: 25 A
  • Maximum charger voltage: 12,6 V CC / CV (MAX 13,5V)
  • Maximum charging voltage: 4,20V ± 0,05V
  • Minimum voltage at discharge: 2,55V ± 0,1V
  • Balancing current: 50mA
  • The range of operating voltages at the output: 7,65V – 12,6V
  • Resistance: <10 0m
  • Life Cycle: >30000 hours
  • Size: 56 * 45 * 4,0 mm
  • Operating temperature: -40...+ 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40...+80°C
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BMS Charge Controller 3S 12.6V 25A

    BMS (Battery Management System) 3S 12.6V 25A Charge Controller is an electronic protection card used to charge 3 Li-ion batteries connected in series. The main tasks of the controller are: control of the charging/discharging of the battery, protection and monitoring the battery status, temperature control and number of charge/discharge cycles.

      BMS Charge Controller 3S 12.6V 25A includes the following functions:
    • protection against overload (short circuit);
    • protection against overcharging or full battery discharge;
    • control over changing the temperature of the battery when charging and discharging (does not allow overheating or supercooling of the battery);
    • balancing the battery for one or more charge cycles, relative to the initial battery level.

    Please note that this BMS Charge Controller 3S 12.6V 25A is suitable for low-power electronic instruments.

    BMS Charge Controller 3S-12.6V 25A BMS Charge Controller-3S 12.6V 25A BMS Charge Controller 3S 12.6V 25A

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