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Smart BMS 16S 150A

Smart BMS 16S 150A

  • Brand: RJXZS
  • Number of battery cells: 16
  • Maximum discharge current: 150A
  • Maximum charging current: 150A
  • Maximum peak discharge current: 300A ≤ ±5A
  • Charge voltage: 4.2 V * 16 = 67.2 V
  • Cell balancing current: 50mA
  • Maximum charging voltage: 4.25V ≤ ±0.025V
  • Minimum voltage at discharge: 2.8V ≤ ±0.1V
  • Voltage balance: 3.3 ~ 4.2 V
  • Operating temperature range: 20˚C -75˚C
  • Size: 180*140*15mm
  • Price:
    4340 грн
    Code: 1084

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    Smart BMS 16S 150A

    Smart BMS 16S 150A (Battery Management System) is an electronic board that is installed on the battery to be able to monitor the charge/discharge process, status of the battery and its components, temperature, number of charge/discharge cycles, protection of a composite battery.

    Smart BMS 16S 150A provides individual monitoring of the voltage and resistance of any battery cell, distributes currents between the battery components during charging, monitors discharge current, detects loss of capacity from unbalance, ensures reliable load connection/disconnection.

    BMS 16S 150A performs battery balancing of cells based on the received data, protects battery from overcharging or overdischarge (high and too low cell voltage), short circuit, overcurrent, overcooling and overheating. Using Smart BMS 16S 150A, the battery operation mode improves significantly, and their service life is maximized.

    When a dangerous battery condition is established, Smart BMS 16S 150A reacts accordingly and issues a ban on the use of battery in the electrical system, i.e. disables it.

    Smart BMS 16S 150A protection board specifications:

    Name Value
    1 Voltage Charge Voltage: DC: 67.2V CC/CV
    Single cell balancing voltage: 4.2V
    2 Current Single cell balancing current: 50 mA
    Maximum continuous charging current: 150A
    Maximum continuous discharging current: 150A
    3 Over-charge protection Over-charge detection voltage: 4.25V ≤ ±0.025V
    Over-charge testing delay time: 1 s
    Over-charge release voltage: 4.15V ≤ ±0.025V
    4 Over-discharge protection Over-discharge detection voltage: 2.8V ≤ ±0.1V
    Over-discharge delay time: 144 ms
    Over-discharge release voltage: 2.9V ≤ ±0.1V
    5 Over-current protection Over-сurrent testing voltage: 0.15V
    Over-сurrent detection current: 300A ≤ ±5A
    Over-сurrent delay time: 200 ms
    Release conditions: Cut load, automatic recovery
    6 Short circuit protection Detection condition: external short circuit
    Detection delay time: 200 ms
    Release conditions: Cut load, automatic recovery
    7 Resistance Protection circuitry (MOSFET): 0.1 Ohm
    8 Temperature Over Temperature: 75°C
    Over Temperature release : 55°C
    Operating temperature range: -20˚C ~ +75˚C
    Storage temperature range: -20˚C ~ +125°C
    9 Size: 180*140*15 mm

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