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Foldable bucket bag

Foldable bucket bag

  • Color: red
  • Material: 210 nylon and cordura
  • Unfolded size: Max. Approx. 29 * 14 * 30cm
  • Weight: about 50 grams
  • Price:
    252 грн
    Code: 1453

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    We are glad to present you a travel folding bucket bag.

    The bucket bag is a very convenient device for hiking as it gives you many advantages.

    storage bucket bag

    The foldable bucket bag holds 8.5 liters of water and is also resistant to temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.

    washing  bag

    A folding bucket bag is made of durable, wear-resistant and quick-drying fabric, which will not make you wait long for complete drying and will allow you to move further along the route faster.

    Washbasin bag

    The bag weighs about 50 grams.

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