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Naturehike compression bag

Naturehike compression bag

  • Type: compression bags
  • Backpack capacity: 35
  • Purpose: for hiking and mountain tourism
  • Type: Covers
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.75 kg
  • Price:
    145 грн
    Code: 1471

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    Introducing the Naturehike compression bag.

    Compression bag

    A compression bag is needed to pack things or sleeping bags. The bag also fits perfectly in a backpack and helps to perfectly squeeze all things into a cylindrical shape.

    Compression bag for things

    The volume of the compression bag is 35 liters, which allows you to pack all the necessary things.

    Also the Naturehike compression bag is made of nylon, which gives it sufficient water resistance so that your things do not get wet.

    The Naturehike bag weighs 750 grams.

    Naturehike Packaging Bag

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