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Solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W

Solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W

  • The InterEnergy brand
  • Type Monocrystalline
  • Model IE158-M144
  • Nominal power of solar battery 440 W
  • Voltage at maximum power 41 V
  • Current at maximum power 10.74 A
  • Open circuit voltage 49.60 V
  • Short-circuit current 11.33 A
  • Number of elements 72
  • Dimensions of solar cell (mm) 2008mm * 1002mm * 35mm
  • Size of elements: 156x156m
  • Weight 22.5 kg
4536 грн
Code: 987

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We are pleased to present you solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W.

Solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W is made of 120 monocrystalline half-cells 3.6 W each.

Solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W has a metal frame made of deadened aluminum, which will strengthen the panel and facilitate transportation.

The back sheet of the panel is made of white plastic.

Solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W is made using 5VV technology, which increases the service life and gives greater resistance to overheating and mechanical damage.

The InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W solar panel has a maximum voltage of 10.72 Amperes.

Solar panel InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W has dimensions 2008cm x 1002cm x 35cm and weight 22.5 Kg.

What is the difference between monocrystalline panels and polycrystalline ones in terms of their performance? The declared efficiency of monocrystals reaches 23.5%, while polycrystalline modifications demonstrate maximum performance of 18%. This means that for the same period of time, monocrystalline panels at the output will give more heat than their counterparts. On average, the numbers can vary 35-40% over 10 years.

InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W Solar Panel Solar cell InterEnergy IE158-M144-440W

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