GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino

GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino


  • card model: GY-GPS6MV2;
  • GPS Module: u-blox NEO-6M-0-001;
  • battery for fast, cold start;
  • type LED indicators;
  • Sensitivity: -147 dBm;
  • update rate: 5 Hz;
  • Interfaces: UART (withdrawn), SPI, DDC, IIC;
  • transmit the coordinates in the format: NMEA;
  • the default connection speed for UART: 9600;
  • have an active antenna;
  • Power supply: 3 - 5;
  • the ability to work with the programs: U-Center, etc.;
  • board size (L x W): 30 x 23 mm;
  • antenna dimensions (L x W): 25 x 25 mm;
  • the weight of the set: '18
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GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino is used to obtain the geographical coordinates of the current location of the receiver antenna using GPS (Global Positioning System) and transmit them to the controller.

The module consists of a small printed circuit board and a ceramic antenna.

To use the GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino, it must first be connected to the power supply and the controller. The module will detect the satellite and the red LED on the board will turn on. After a while, it will start flashing. It is necessary to write a library and a program to work with the module in the controller. GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino outputs results in NMEA format.

Coordinate data is stored in EEPROM memory. There is a battery on the board to ensure that the data is backed up on the GPS chip.

The GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino can be controlled from the controller via interfaces (UART, SPI, DDC, IIC), or from a computer via the USB interface.

The module board has one UART interface for connecting power and data input / output.

Designation of contacts:

  • VCC (supply voltage);
  • RX (input data);
  • TX (output);
  • GND (common).
The NEO-6M-0-001 microcircuit allows you to use other interfaces for data transfer (you need to make the connection yourself):
  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface);
  • DDC (Display Data Channel);
  • IIC (Inter-Integrated Circuit).

The GPS module can be powered from a controller, a computer USB port or an external power source. Supply voltage 3 - 5 V.

Practical application of GPS module U-blox NEO-6M for Arduino: positioning of robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, meteorological sensors, etc.

Module can be used in Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM devices.

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