UC3843  chip

UC3843 chip



  • The core: UC3843
  • Type: PWM controller
  • Input voltage: 8.2 V - 25 V
  • Conversion frequency: 500 kHz
  • Filling factor max: 97%
  • Datasheet
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IC UC3843 is PWM  (Pulse width) converter.

UC3843 chip is designed for the construction of highly pulsed power supply with PWM (pulse width modulation). Power output circuit is small because it is placed at its output n-channel FET powerful.

Assign legs circuit UC3843 :

  • Comp O - reinforce errors to compensate for the frequency response of the error amplifier is connected capacity of several tens of nF.
  • Vfb Rin - used to provide feedback. The value of U on this leg compared to the U, formed inside the circuit UC3843, the result of modulating the duty cycle output. Thus there is a stabilization of the output voltage of the power supply.
  • C / S - generates a signal, which limits the output current of the MOSFET. Upon reaching a certain current, the device does not burn, but just goes to defense.
  • Rt / C - output for connection RC-circuit sets the operating frequency of the integrated circuit in the generator uc3843. Usually the capacitor is several nF. The frequency is adjusted in a wide range of limited Polevikov operating frequency and the power supply transformer.
  • Gnd - ground output.
  • Out - output UC3843, going to the gate of the field VT, usually through R & VD (anode of diode has to go to the gate VT).
  • Vcc - the output power on UC3843AN.
  • Vref - Uopornogo internal source (I = 50mA, U = 5 V).

The chip UC3843AN works equally well with the mains voltage 115v, and with a voltage of 220v. Alteration from one voltage to another amounts to replacing the diode bridge and a capacitor to the desired maximum voltage.

Power Supply made on the chip UC3843 are characterized by high reliability and ease of execution.

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