Development of electronics and software for it on order  GreenChip

Development of electronics and software for it on order GreenChip

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Suppose that your idea or task requires some kind of electronic device that is not available on the market in a finished form. Then developing it from scratch is perhaps the only way to get what you want. And in this case we can help you.

The stages of work are as follows:

  1. Terms of Reference

    The first part of the work is to formalize your idea into a technical task. You will tell us your idea in all its details, and we will get a complete picture of the future device and your plans regarding its use, and only in this way can we meet your expectations, and this is extremely important for us.

    In the process of discussing an electronic device, we determine the feasibility of the project and roughly outline possible technical ways to bring the idea to life. It is very important here that the future product contains the essence of your idea.

  2. Engineering Description

    The stage of creating a flowchart and detailed engineering description. At the end of this stage, we will be able to say exactly what will be the cost of preparation for production and the cost of a unit of production in serial production, with a predetermined production volume.

  3. Electronic circuit, printed circuit board

    After you (the customer) sign the contract and a certain advance payment according to the terms of the contract, we begin the direct development. This stage of work involves the development of an electronic device circuit. The process of creating a circuit and a printed circuit board ends with the manufacture of an original model (prototype) of the device.

  4. Software

    An integral part in modern electronics is a microprocessor, or microcontroller. The presence of such an element in the device, as well as if the device is supposed to be connected to a computer, provides for the creation of certain software. This can be the so-called firmware, or microcontroller firmware or special service programs. In this case, the device will be complete and will meet the needs of the customer and user.

  5. Corpus

    The body is an important component because it is is responsible for the attractiveness to the buyer and the appearance of the product. We can make a case from plastic or metal, or make a device for your (existing) case.

  6. Making a test sample

    The circuit made in a single copy, the corresponding software and the case are assembled together and represent a test sample ready for use. It should be validated through a series of tests and trials. Only after that, you can conclude that the result meets your requirements.

    The result of our work is a valid sample that meets your expectations, accompanied by a set of necessary technical documentation and appropriate software.

  7. Technical support

    If necessary, we undertake service maintenance of the manufactured devices and support your specialists if they have any questions.

Thus, our company is a full range of services to translate your high-tech ideas into an effective business.

If you have any questions, please contact GreenChip by our contact numbers and e-mail (section "Contacts" )
Please describe your idea of ​​the device, our specialists will evaluate and contact you.

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