Wind turbine controllers

Controller for wind turbine GreenChip WS1500

Controller for wind turbine GreenChip WS1500

  • GreenChip (Ukraine)
  • Voltage 7-100 In
  • Maximum current 50 amps ballast Working
  • power 1500 watt
  • Maximum power 3000 watt
  • Rated current battery charging 0-30 A (adjustable in menu)
  • battery charging Voltage 0-100 V (adjustable in menu)
  • size 230*120*70 mm
  • Technology PWM (PWM)
  • Current consumption in standby mode controller 10 ma
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We present to your attention the controller for the GreenChip WS1500 wind generator. Wiring diagram for wind generator controller

GreenChip WS1500 Wind Turbine Controller automatically detects the number of batteries connected to it (12v / 24v / 36v / 48v).

Principle of operation.

The GreenChip WS1500 Wind Turbine Controller dynamically checks the battery charge voltage. The controller monitors that the voltage does not rise above the allowable value. If the voltage exceeds the established norms, then the duty cycle of the PWM signal increases, and the energy is thrown off to the ballast. All the extra energy generated by the wind turbine is redirected by the controller to the ballast (it may be some kind of ten for heating water) Important: The ballast must be selected so that with a charged battery the controller can load the wind turbine, otherwise it will go out of the way

The battery charging voltage is displayed on the LED display.

Battery connection:

To connect the battery, connect the plus of the battery to the “Battery +” terminal, and the negative battery to the “Battery -” terminal. After that, the controller will determine the number of connected batteries, turn on the corresponding LED and emit a certain number of sound signals equal to the number of connected batteries.

Wind turbine connection:

The wind generator is connected to the “Input +” and “Input -” terminals. (If you have an AC wind generator, you must first connect it to the rectifier, and then connect the controller)

Ballast connection:

Ballast is connected to the “ballast +” and “ballast -” terminals.

Wind generator controller without diode bridge Greenchip WS1500 Wind Turbine Controller

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