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Solar cable 6mm black

Solar cable 6mm black

  • Country of origin Switzerland
  • Type not coaxial, isolated
  • Electrical resistance at 20 ° C 3.39 ohms / km
  • Section, (mm2) 6
  • Operating temperature, (° C) -40... +100
  • Maximum voltage, (V) 1000
  • Insulation polyethylene
  • Maximum current (open / closed gasket) 70 / 52A
  • Multi-stranded cable with tinned copper cores corrosion protection
54 грн
Code: 1041

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We present to you 6mm black solar cable.

6mm black solar cable is used for connection in solar power plants.

6mm black solar cable has a high conductivity up to 72 amperes.

Double insulation, resistant to aggressive factors (ultraviolet, oil, ozone, water)

Cable life at continuous temperature use 90 ° C for over 30 years.

Caution: Conductivity decreases if the cable is very long, so consider the size when purchasing.

Solar panel cable black 6mm solar cable Black 6mm solar cable

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Качество кабеля, как и большинство что производит Швейцария, на высоте. Установил и забыл)