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The AVR Atmega8a

The AVR Atmega8a

  • Type of housing: DIP 28
  • producer of: ATMEL
  • AVR 8-Bit RISC
  • 8k-FLASH
  • 1k-RAM
  • 512-EEPROM
  • 10-bit A / D (replacement for ATmega8-16PU, ATmega8L-8PU)
37.7 грн
Code: 109

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Microcontroller atmega8 combines functionality, compactness, and relatively low price. These qualities have given the widest dissemination ATmega8 among professional and amateur structures.

The microcontroller has a wide range of modules and can be used in a large number of devices for different purposes, from timers, dimmers, automation systems to generators of special signals, video decoders and standard RC5.

The microcontroller atmega8 has two full port with 8 bits. The presence in the atmega8 analog-to-digital converter enables to measure parameters such as voltage, current, capacitance. This allows you to develop on the basis of a complete microcontroller multimeter.

Also atmega8 has a UART port for receiving and transmitting data TTL level. Port for the protocol TWI (the opportunity to realize a software I2C ). By I2C to ATmega8 can connect a variety of devices:

  • - external EEPROM memory series 24cXX,
  • - matches indicators and graphical displays,
  • - volume control, resistance, and much more.

Reviews of the The AVR Atmega8a:

Процесор прошився і працює нормально.

Все дуже добре. Я задоволений. Тільки ви мені замість двох atmega 8 додали ще одну atmega 328 в Dip корпусі.тобто 3 шт. Мікросхем. Якщо ви помилилися я вам доплачу за atmega 328. Тільки відпишіть я скину гроші.