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The solar tracker actuator HF2436-10K

The solar tracker actuator HF2436-10K


  • Rated operating voltage - 24V.
  • 10,000 Newton effort
  • Swing speed: 3 mm / sec.
  • Have a reed position sensor, corrosion-resistant coating and are characterized by a low level of noise.
  • Stem extension length is 36 inches (90cm)
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The 36-inch HF 2436-10K Actuator is a device mounted on a gimbal with a polar coordinate system to rotate the device to the required position.

Actuator HF 2436-10K is required to turn the satellite dish on command to the required satellite. Installed on a satellite dish suspension. To work, a positioner is required that acts as a control device and stores the positions of the satellites. Currently, actuators are used not only in the field of satellite television, but also in other areas, for example, a drive for turning solar panels, opening swing doors, gates, gates, lifting a motor boat engine, etc.

HF 2436-10K stem length is 36 inches with an oversized stem diameter. The length of the HF 2436-10K actuator can be adjusted by means of a horse shaft. Recommended for use with devices with a diameter of 2 m. The actuator is powered by 36 volts DC, has a four-contact pad - two power contacts and two contacts for the positioner. By changing the polarity of the supply, you can change the direction of movement of the stem.

You can use an actuator:

  • in the satellite dish to turn to the satellite;
  • in a solar power plant - turn the solar panel;
  • to open windows;
  • in the incubator - to move the egg tray.
  • as a drive for opening swing doors
  • as a drive for lifting a motor boat engine Description of the HF2436-10K actuator External view of the HF2436-10K actuator Package HF2436-10K

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