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Sun tracker ST1000

Sun tracker ST1000

Features Sun tracker ST1000

  • Manufacturer: GreenChip (Ukraine)
  • Designed for solar panel 1200W or less
  • 180 degree rotation angle.
  • Rotational planes - 2 (two-axis tracker)
  • Provides 40% increase in production capacity
  • The drive is capable of handling the max current of 2A.
  • The controller is able to hold a max current of 10A.
  • Power Rating: 12 / 24V
  • Operating temperature: -40 to + 60 ℃
  • Power consumption is negligible.
  • Equipped with light sensor
  • Adjustable direction angles
  • Dimensions: 1500x1000x40mm
  • Perhaps Komplektatsii the wind sensor
  • Instruction of the solar tracker ST1000
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Package SUNNY tracker ST1000
  • rotary mechanism (metalokonstruktsyya)
  • engines (actuator)
  • Control Block (controller SUNNY tracker)
  • User is managements
  • The complete set sensor for wind add. fee

Solar tracker ST1000 - this is an electromechanical device whose purpose - to track the movement of the light source. The main application - to change the position of photovoltaic modules (solar panels) in order to obtain maximum efficiency. That falling under direct sunlight reached the minimum value of angle of reflection, and therefore - the maximum use of solar energy rays panel.

The advantage of solar tracker ST1000 is placed on them that solar panels automatically move the sun throughout the day and change the angle depending on the time of year. And this is - significantly increases the production of energy compared to fixedly mounted solar panels.

Testing: «Comparison of two solar power plants no tracker and equipped with a tracker." the amount of energy produced was measured for Svetlova day at two power plants with and without the tracker tracker.

Terms and conditions:

  • 1. Solar power plants with a capacity of 1.0 kW
  • 2. Date: July 2010goda.
  • 3. Time: from 4:00 to 20:00 (sundial)
  • 4. Geographic Latitude: 46 ° N
  • 5. Weather conditions: sunny, partly cloudy.


  • - power generated power without the tracker: 3762.0 W / h
  • - generated energy power station equipped with a tracker: 6093.0 W / h
  • - Additional information: The amount of energy consumed by the tracker engine for the whole day 17.52 W / h or 0.29% of all the energy collected.

Reviews of the Sun tracker ST1000:

Классный трекер. Консультации по теме в самый раз.Благодарю.

Its very good product, i advise everyone, seller sociable, thanks.