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XL6009 adjustable Boost Converter

XL6009 adjustable Boost Converter


  • Input voltage: 3 - 32V  
  • Output voltage adjustable: 5 - 35V  
  • Output current: 3 A (MAX).  
  • The chip converter: XL6009 analogue LM2577  
  • Topology: boost  
  • Built-in protection:
    • short circuit  
    • Overheating
  • The amount of payment: 43h21h14mm
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Code: 190

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XL6009 DC-DC adjustable step-up converter voltage input 3-32V, output 5-35V - a pulse DC / DC step-up converter for wide application. Allows you to obtain a stable constant voltage from a constant voltage of a lower value. The value of the output voltage is regulated by a trimming resistor on the board.

XL6009 DC-DC transformer

Pulse XL6009 adjustable step-up converter of voltage on the XL6009 microcircuit is assembled according to the boost topology.

Chip XL6009 is an analogue of the well-known, but already outdated LM2577.

The multiturn variable resistor allows you to set the required output voltage as precisely as possible.

The high efficiency of the pulsed XL6009 boost converter allows a high output current to be obtained with a minimum size.

Miniature converter

Universal XL6009 step-up converter voltage will be useful for radio amateurs, when designing various electronic devices.

XL6009 DC-DC size

Application of XL6009 adjustable boost converter:

  • laboratory power supply;
  • home automation;
  • robotics;
  • audio devices;
  • multimedia;
  • in conjunction with solar panels.

Reviews of the XL6009 adjustable Boost Converter:

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