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Wattmeter DC 60v 100A

Wattmeter DC 60v 100A

  • voltage up 60 volts
  • current consumption <10ma
  • Current measuring range 0-100 A
  • voltage measurement range of 0-70 in
  • error in the middle of the range of about 1%
  • edges accuracy range of about 3%
  • Operating temperature range -10 .. +50 ° C
  • Input current - constant positive polarity
  • Input voltage - constant, pulse (positive polarity)
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Wattmeter DC - a device by which you can measure the power consumption of various ustroystv.Naprimer can be used in electro - bike or car for tracking otberaemoy power from akamulyatora also power other than the power meter shows the input current and voltage . you can visually see the voltage board vehicle network and prevent deep discharge of the battery ( after which akamulyator can fail ) . Also, the power meter can be used to measure the efficiency of your electrical appliances DC power meter by setting the input and output of the device you will see how much power is lost in your device.

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