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STK500 (AVR-Doper)

STK500 (AVR-Doper)

  • Full compatibility c STK500
  • voltage: 5V (via USB)
  • Current consumption: less than 50mA
  • Interface to PC: USB
  • Interface Programmer: ISP
  • Dimensions unit: mm 55h17
  • Supported programming microcontrollers: Series AVR - all controllers with SPI interface for programming.
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Product Description

STK500 (AVR-Doper)

AVR Doper is a reliable USB Serial Programmer (ISP) for programming AVR microcontrollers, compatible with the STK500 (v2) protocol. This compatibility makes it possible to take advantage of the firmware of AVR microcontrollers from the AVR Studio 4 development environment, etc.
The AVR Doper programmer emulates the operation of the STK500 programmer and allows you to read and program the EEPROM and FLASH memory of the microcontroller, as well as control the FUSE bits and other parameters of the programmable microcontroller directly from the AVR Studio programming environment, CodeVisionAVR or other programs compatible with the STK500 programmer.

A prerequisite for working with the AVR Doper programmer is software that supports firmware via the STK500 programmer (AVR Studio 4, CodeVisionAVR, AVR DUDE). A distinctive feature of this programmer from the original STK500 is the absence of a high-voltage serial programming function. The rest of the AVR low-voltage serial ISP programming functions work unchanged.

AVR programmer

List of supported microcontrollers:

Supported STK500 CPUs Schematic diagram of the AVR STK500 programmer AVR USB Programmer Specifications:

  • Programmer supply voltage: 5 V (via USB)
  • Interface for connecting the programmer to the PC: USB
  • Interface for connecting the programmer to AVR: ISP
  • Programmer overall dimensions: 55 x 26 x 10 mm

    The programmer supports the following software:

    AVR STUDIO, AVR DUDE, Code Vision AVR etc.

    Installing STK500 (AVR-Doper) programmer in windows vista / windows7 (Seven) 32-bit
  • The archive contains a folder "avrcdc_inf", which contains directories for different OS.

    Installing the STK500 (AVR-Doper) programmer in windows vista / windows7 (Seven) 64-bit
    When installing on 64-bit platforms, problems arise from digital signatures of drivers.
    In Device Manager, when you select the "Properties" tab, the window says "Cannot verify the digital signature of drivers......".
    There are several ways to fix the problem.
    If you tried to install the drivers, you need to uninstall them through the device manager.

    First way

    Disable driver digital signature verification by pressing F8 while the system starts booting and selecting the appropriate boot mode.

    Second method

    Use the program " Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider ". < / div>
    1. Do not install any drivers, and do not connect the programmer!
    2. Download "" from /lowbulk.html
    3. Download DSEO from page = dseo
    4. Unzip ""
    5. Run dseo13b.exe, click Next, then Yes
    6. Select "Sign a System File", click "Next"
    7. Enter the path to the lowcdc.inf file from the folder that corresponds to your system (for example: D: \ avrcdc_inf \ Vista64 \ lowcdc.inf) click the "OK" button and wait for the message, click the "OK" button
    8. Select "Sign a System File" click "Next"
    9. Enter the path to the lowcdc.sys file from the folder that corresponds to your system (for example: D: \ avrcdc_inf \ Vista64 \ lowcdc.sys) click the "OK" button and wait for the message, click the "OK" button
    10. Select "Enable Test Mode", click "Next"
    11. Restart your computer
    12. Connect the AVR-dopper, wait until Windows can find the driver.
    13. Open Device Manager
    14.Right click on the AVR doper select update driver
    15. Select lowcdc.inf
    16. Everything should work!

    Reviews of the STK500 (AVR-Doper):

    Очень быстрая доставка, хорошая упаковка, все как в описании. Спасибо продавцу. Магазин рекомендую