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Charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT

Charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT

  • Controller Type - MPPT (Maximum power point tracking)
  • Battery voltage: - 12/24/36/48 in
  • The maximum input voltage from solar cells: 150V
  • The maximum current - 30A
  • Temperature range: -20 to + 80 ° C
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Power consumption up to - 20 mA
  • Weight, g: 1200
  • Size 214*115*50
3420 грн
Code: 28

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The solar autonomous electric power supply system includes rechargeable batteries that are charged from solar panels. Therefore, a device is needed that will control this charging process. For this purpose, special devices are used - charge controllers. MPPT charge controller functions

Battery Charge Controller GreenChip S300 MPPT - one of the most important parts of a solar power plant, responsible for monitoring the battery charging voltage, charging mode, temperature and other parameters.

Description of the MPPT controller

GreenChip S300 MPPT Battery Charge Controller is critical for systems using lead acid batteries. These batteries are extremely poorly tolerated both deep discharge and overcharge. When such batteries are overcharged, the service life of the battery is significantly reduced or even it may fail. When the battery is fully charged, the current must be limited until the charging current is completely stopped. Otherwise, overcharging can lead to boiling of the electrolyte and violent gas evolution. MPPT Controller Specifications

The GreenChip S300 MPPT Solar Charge Controller is based on the Maximum Power Point Tracker (MMRT) principle. The controller constantly monitors the current and voltage from the photovoltaic system, multiplies their values and determines the current-voltage pair at which the solar battery power will be maximum. This controller monitors the point of maximum power generation, taking into account the constantly changing lighting conditions. This allows you to achieve maximum work efficiency during the whole daylight hours.

The main criteria for choosing a solar battery charge controller, in addition to choosing the type of controller, are the choice of voltage and current. It is necessary to understand that the higher the voltage removed from the solar panels, the lower the current flowing through the wires and through the controller at the same power.

GreenChip S300 MPPT Solar Charge Controller is designed for a maximum voltage of 150V solar input and maximum current - 30A.

Advantages of GreenChip S300 MPPT Solar Charge Controller:

  • high efficiency and efficiency;
  • optimal performance when shading part of the area of ​​solar panels;
  • increased recoil in low light and cloudy weather;
  • increased efficiency when the temperature of the solar module rises (which leads to a decrease in its power), and at negative air temperatures (which, accordingly, leads to an increase in power);
  • the use of a higher input voltage allows for a smaller cable section;
  • allows you to increase the distance from the panels to the controller.

GreenChip S300 MPPT Solar Charge Controller very efficient, conversion efficiency 97 - 98%. Internal MPPT charge controller

Reviews of the Charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT:

Покупал здесь  мппт контроллер S300 два года назад, работает хорошо, всем доволен. Спасибо за хороший продукт

Контроллер  сподобався, можна виставити напругу зарядки батареї, таким чином підключив літієву акб.