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Charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT

Charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT

  • Controller Type - MPPT (Maximum power point tracking)
  • Battery voltage: - 12/24/36/48 in
  • The maximum input voltage from solar cells: 150V
  • The maximum current - 30A
  • Temperature range: -20 to + 80 ° C
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Power consumption up to - 20 mA
  • Weight, g: 1200
  • Size 214*115*50
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The solar system is a stand-alone power supply incorporates a rechargeable battery which is charged by solar panels. Therefore need a device that will control the charging process. For this purpose, there are special devices - charge controllers.

The controller battery charge GreenChip S300 MPPT - one of the most important parts of solar power, is responsible for controlling the charging voltage battery charging mode, temperature, and other parameters.

It is important to use kontrollera battery charge GreenChip S300 MPPT in systems where used lead-acid battery. These batteries do not tolerate as extremely deep discharge and overcharge. When recharging the battery such, significantly reduces battery life or even it may be damaged. When fully charged, the current must be limited until the complete cessation of the charging current. Otherwise overcharge can result in electrolyte boil and rapid gassing.

Work charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT based on the principle mm Hg (Maximum Power Point Tracker). The controller continuously monitors the voltage and current of the PV system, multiplies their values ​​and defines a pair of current-voltage where the power of solar cell will be the maximum. The controller tracks the maximum power point of generation of energy, given the ever-changing lighting conditions. This allows all of the light during the day, each time to reach maximum efficiency.

The main criteria for selecting the controller battery from the solar cell, in addition to selecting the type of controller are the choice of voltage and current. It should be understood that the higher the voltage is removed from the solar panels, it is less than the current flowing through the wire through the controller and at the same power. The charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT is designed for a maximum input voltage of 150V with solar panels and maximum current - 30A.

Benefits charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT :

  • High efficiency and effectiveness;
  • optimum performance in shading of the area of ​​solar panels;
  • Increased efficiency in low light and cloudy weather;
  • Increased efficiency with increasing temperature of the solar module (which leads to a reduction of its power), and at negative air temperatures (which consequently leads to an increase in capacity);
  • use a higher input voltage reduces cable cross-sections;
  • to extend the distance from the panel to the controller.

The charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT is very efficient conversion efficiency of 97 - 98%.

Reviews of the Charge controller for solar battery GreenChip S300 MPPT:

Покупал здесь  мппт контроллер S300 два года назад, работает хорошо, всем доволен. Спасибо за хороший продукт

Контроллер  сподобався, можна виставити напругу зарядки батареї, таким чином підключив літієву акб.