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Controller for wind turbine GreenChip W3000S

Controller for wind turbine GreenChip W3000S

  • GreenChip (Ukraine)
  • Voltage 12/24/36/48 v
  • Maximum current 50 amps ballast Working
  • power 2000 watt
  • Maximum power 3000 watt
  • Rated current battery charging 0-50 A (adjustable in menu)
  • Measured current battery rozryadki 0-50
  • A battery charging Voltage 0-100 V (adjustable in menu)
  • size 300*120*70 mm
  • Technology PWM (PWM)
  • Current consumption in standby mode controller 10 ma
  • Documentation
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Principle of operation.
The controller dynamically check the current and the charging voltage of the battery. When the battery is discharged, its resistance is small, so when charging through it can go high current ( greater than 1/ 10 of the container ). Therefore the initial cycle of charging the battery controller ensures that the current does not exceed 1/10 of the battery capacity. As charging battery resistance increases, the current decreases and begins to increase the voltage on the battery.

Adjusting the current would not be complete if we addressed only the battery charging current, imagine a situation we charge the battery at 60 amp charging current, respectively, exhibited a 6 amp (1/ 10 of the container ) is good, but then we wanted to connect the inverter to the battery and he began to discharge the battery current of 13 amps, it turns out that our battery instead of charging will discharge current 7 amps. Therefore, the controller is implemented rozryadki current control when the wind turbine controller sees that the external load ( inverter ) consumes as in our case 13 amps the controller increases the current from the wind turbine to 19 ampere turns 6 amps go to 13 amp battery and the inverter.

Controller ensures that the voltage does not rise above the limit set in the menu. If the current or voltage within the established limits, the excess energy is thrown off to the ballast. All the excess energy that is produced by a wind turbine, the controller redirects to the ballast ( they mozhut be resistances power which must be greater than the power of the wind turbine ) Note: Ballast must be chosen so that when a charged battery controller can download windmill, otherwise he will go into the dressing.

Reviews of the Controller for wind turbine GreenChip W3000S:

Работает хорошо. Брал под ветряк 1000вт 24в. Експлуатируется 1 год. Покупкой доволен. Спасибо.

Качество хорошее. Пришлось немножко разобраться в установке, т к не близок к электрике. Заряжает аккум от ветряка стабильно. В качестве балласта взял тэны.

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