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Grid Tie Inverter 1000W

Grid Tie Inverter 1000W


  • Input voltage: 20-45 V DC
  • Output voltage: 230 (190-260) VAC
  • Continuous output power: 500-1000 W
  • The maximum output (peak): 2000 W
  • The output waveform: pure sine wave
  • The input current up to 50 A
  • The frequency of 50 / 60Hz
  • Operating temperature range: -40... + 40 ° C
  • Conversion Efficiency: at least 90%
  • The fan control switch
  • Overload
  • reverse polarity protection
  • Size: 320 * 150 * 70 mm
5225 грн
Code: 558

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We are glad to present you Grid Tie Inverter 1000W.

When purchasing Grid Tie Inverter 1000W, please note that this inverter is specially designed for solar panels and can be applied to 24 Volt solar panels. Vmp 26-39V and Voc 34-45V. If you use a battery that has 12 volts output, the inverter will not be able to reach its highest (peak) power. It is recommended to use a 36 volt battery as a voltage input source to obtain peak power output. There is always power loss when converting DC to AC. The transferred energy can also be lost through heat. Therefore, if you want to be at the peak of the machine, then the inverter will not be able to give 100% of the energy. Solar panels also have losses, so please do not calculate efficiency based solely on the inverter output / solar panel specification. Because solar panels and inverters have their own efficiency and efficiency. There are negative reviews of the malfunction from several customers, most of which have failed due to incorrect input of the solar panel voltage. Please make sure the input voltage is correct.

Please use 10 square cables, the cable length should not exceed 4m. Be sure to tighten the DC terminal wiring well. If the cable is too thin or the connection is too loose, the inverter is more likely to be damaged.

You can order Grid Tie Inverter 1000W online or by phone.

The inverter connection diagram is shown in the picture below.

grid inverter wiring diagram Top View Grid Tie Inverter 1000W Semi-profile view of Grid Tie Inverter 1000W

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замовляв грід інвертор -1000вт звязались швидко, товар отримав через 2 дні 

отримав швидко товар якісний

Обычный грид инвертор, свои функции выполняет. Все отлично. То что я задумал, инвертор мне помог реализовать.