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Flexible Solar cell

Flexible Solar cell

Features Solar cell Sunpower :

  • Manufacturer - Sunpower
  • Type - Flexible
  • Material - monocrystalline silicon
  • The maximum power of 2.5 W
  • Cell size - 125x125 mm
  • Class - A
  • Voltage - 0.5 V
Count Price
Code: 855

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The advantages of Flexible solar cells Sunpower in the fact that they are in the rain and cloudy weather are capable of delivering 50-60% of capacity, increased durability and ease of installation.

Flexible cell Sunpower allows you to create solar panels, alternative energy supply systems.

When using the flexible cell Sunpower you save energy resources of the planet and its purity. You can also use the Flexible cell Sunpower to save fuel in your car, boat and other vehicles.

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