Solar panels

Solar collector AXIOMA energy AX-10

Solar collector AXIOMA energy AX-10

Characteristics of the collector of the AX-10:

  • Manufacturer: AXIOMAenergy
  • Model: AH-10
  • Productivity: 100 liters of water / day (60 degrees)
  • Type: non-pressure thermosiphon
  • Number of handsets: 10
  • Dimensions of the vacuum tube: diameter - 58mm, length - 1800mm
  • Aperture area: 0,936kv. M.
  • Storage tank capacity: 100L
  • External tank parameters: painted steel 0.4 mm thick
  • Internal tank parameters: 0.5 mm stainless steel food steel
  • Thermal insulation: polyurethane foam 50mm
  • Filling tank: capacity 5 l
  • Tank sizes: 1120 * 560 * 560, mm
  • Frame tilt angle: 45 degrees
  • Empty collector weight: 40kg


  • Vacuum tubes with three-layer high selective coating ALN-AIN-SS / Cu
  • Storage tank
  • Frame
  • Filling tank (with gasket)
  • Air vent
  • The solar collector can be additionally equipped with an electric heater, a controller and a magnesium anode.
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    Seasonal solar collectors are the best solution for providing hot water to the boarding house, recreation facilities, private homes and even apartments.

    Thermosiphon solar collectors are inexpensive compared to all-season solar collectors and work only in the warm half of the year, that is precisely when solar radiation is maximal.

    Due to this investment seasonal solar collectors will pay off in the shortest possible time - 3-4 years.

    Schematically unpressurized thermosyphon solar collector can be represented as follows:

    1 - air inlet pipe

    2 - cold water supply

    3 - a filling tank

    4 - a fountain of hot water

    5 - input for the controller sensor (the controller is not included in the basic equipment)

    6 - a drain of water from the tank

    7 - electric TEN (not included in the basic equipment)

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