Wind turbine controllers

Controller for wind turbine  W500

Controller for wind turbine W500

  • GreenChip
  • Voltage 12/24 In
  • Working power 1000 watts
  • Maximum power 1200 watts
  • Technology PWM (PWM)
  • Current consumption in standby mode controller 10 ma
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Controller for wind turbine W500 is perfect for wind turbines up to 1500 watts. It provides for manual setting (toggle switches) of the battery voltage of 12.24 or 48 volts. If the battery is fully charged, the controller of the wind generator (solar battery) redirects to the ballast (it can be a heating ten, or just an incandescent lamp).

This charge controller is suitable for charging the battery from both a wind turbine and a solar battery. Suitable for systems with voltage 12V, 24V and 48V.

How the wind generator controller works

When the battery voltage exceeds the specified (charging voltage), the controller redirects excess energy to the ballast.
What is good about this solar controller? Almost all solar battery (panel) controllers work for cut-off (as much energy is taken from the solar battery as is needed at a particular time for the battery, and the surplus is simply cut off, for example, our solar battery produces 100 watts, the battery is almost charged and consumes 20 watts, then 80 watts we receive less). When using this controller, the system will work like this: for example, a solar panel or wind generator generates 100 watts, the battery needs 20 watts, and 80 watts will be redirected to the ballast, so we will take maximum of our precious green energy.

Controller connection diagram

wind turbine controller wiring diagram

Controller left view  view of the wind turbine controller on the right

View of the controller on the right view of the wind turbine controller on the left

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Jake Flow
Good product, thank you.