Wind turbine controllers

FW06-12-A Wind Generator Controller

FW06-12-A Wind Generator Controller

  • Rated Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Wind Generator Capacity: 600W
  • Wind Generator Braking Volttage: 15V
  • Wind Generator Recover Voltage: 13.5V
  • Quiescent Power Comsumption: 15mA
  • IP Protection Level: IP67
  • Price:
    1125 грн
    Code: 1531

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    We are glad to present you FW06-12-A wind turbine controller.

    The FW06-12-A wind generator controller operates in 12 Volt mode, the break current is 15 Volts.

    The FW06-12-A wind turbine controller is waterproof and has an IP67 water protection rating, which means it will not be damaged by direct rain or water.

    The FW06-12-A wind generator controller is suitable for 12 Volt wind generators up to 600 watts inclusive.

    The controller of the FW06-12-A wind generator has a metal, water-resistant and shock-resistant casing, made on the principle of a radiator, which does not allow overheating during operation.

    600W waterproof wind generator controller Controller for 12V 600W wind turbine FW06-12-A wind turbine controller

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