Solar Controller

Charge Controller solar battery 80A 12/24v

Charge Controller solar battery 80A 12/24v

  • Charging Mode: PWM (PWM)
  • Rated voltage: 12 V / 24 V
  • Rated current: 80 A
  • The range of charging voltage: 13.7 / 27.4 in
  • Protection from low voltage: 10.7 / 21.4
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 60 ° C
  • Storage Temperature: 30 ~ 70 ° C
  • Dimensions: 130 x 188 x 62 mm
  • Weight: 900 g
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We are pleased to present to your attention a 80A 12 / 24V Solar Charge Controller.

When using solar panels as a power source, you need to adjust the charge current according to the battery voltage. Solar Charge Controller 80A 12V 24V with LED indicator lights will help you with this.

80A 12V 24V Controller is an intelligent, multi-purpose charge and discharge controller. 80A 12V 24V controller equipped with LCD display with very user-friendly interface; the various control parameters can be easily adjusted to suit your various requirements.

Advantages of solar battery charge controller 80A 12/24 V include:

  • Displays characters on LCD
  • Automatic voltage selection
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Adjustable control of charge-discharge parameters
  • Settable load operating mode
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Battery discharge protection
  • Low voltage cut-off
In case of any additional questions, you can always count on a consultation by phone or mail. 80A Solar Cell Regulator Solar panel charge controller 12V 24V Charge regulator connection diagram

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