Tourist equipment

Travel Mat XPE

Travel Mat XPE

XPE Touring Mat Features:
  • Material: XPE
  • Weight: 350g
  • Folded size: 57 * 15.5 * 13cm
  • Unfolded: 190 * 57 * 2cm
  • Rvalue: up to 0 degrees C
  • Color: orange (optional)
404 грн
Code: 1383

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Our store offers folding karemat XPE. The main function of the mat is to prevent heat outflow in the direction of the earth.

The most important parameters

of travel mats: the degree of thermal insulation, comfort, which gives the mat, weight and size in the package.

View of the folded XPE Camping mat

XPE Mat Properties

This mat has a thickness of 2 cm, which is comfortable to use up to the maximum possible temperature of 0 degrees C. The mat has good properties of water resistance and moisture resistance, which allows to maintain stable thermal insulation properties and strength. Portability, light weight and complex design make it possible to place in a backpack to the back. The main advantage of the cross-linked polyethylene mat is the lack of loss of functionality after puncture.

The material of the mat is less harmful to the environment than other materials. color options for XPE Travel Mats

The mat can be used:

As the main mat

As a litter to protect the inflatable mat

Like a seat for rest

As protection of the bottom of the tent from rapid wear

As a counteraction to the formation of condensation at the bottom of the tent when spending the night in the snow. unfolded XPE mat

Another important advantage of a cross-linked polyethylene mat is that you can cut the mat to your size to lose weight without losing functionality.

Reviews of the Travel Mat XPE:

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