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Tactical folding paddle

Tactical folding paddle

Features of Foldable Tactical Paddle:
  • Material: iron, plastic;
  • Length: 41cm;
  • Shovel weight: 350g;
  • Dimensions of the working part: 10x11x12.5;
551 грн
Code: 1387

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Our online store offers a travel portable mini shovel. Foldable paddle tactical pick and hoe mode

The folding tactical shovel has a small size

, only 41 cm, and when folded: 11: 10: 12.5 cm. Tactical folding paddle folded

The camping shovel is supplied in a convenient case, so it is convenient to pack in a backpack.

The tactical shovel can be used

as a saw, bottle opener and as a pickaxe (to switch, you need to fix the threaded clamp on the handle).

There are many purposes:

a garden, a vegetable garden, a hike, camping, in a car, as a military tactical shovel, as a saw at home for business, on vacation as a bottle opener. Foldable paddle tactical  in job High-quality material and coating allows for long-term use. If you have any questions, please contact managers of our online store Enjoy the shopping.

Reviews of the Tactical folding paddle:

Брали в поход по Горганам одну такую складную лопатку на всю группу. Сделана из прочного и легкого материала, компактная. Помогла нам и закрепить палатку на каменистом месте, и обкопать кострище, и напилить дровишек, и служила постоянным спутником с желающим сходить в "задумчивое место";). Порадовала.