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Tourist inflatable mat

Tourist inflatable mat

Features of Travel Inflatable Mat:
  • Brand: Naturehike
  • Model: V-shape
  • Cinnamon weight: 460g
  • Case weight: 3g
  • Material: nylon, TPU, case - polyester
  • Thickness: 5cm
  • Unfolding Size: 190 * 59mm
  • Folding size: 20 * R = 10mm
  • Package Contents: Travel inflatable mat -1 pc. + cover + pillow (pump)
1160 грн
Code: 1392

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Our store offers a tourist inflatable mat with a pump cushion. This inflatable currymat is good at preventing heat outflow towards the ground. tourist inflatable mat at the camp

Choosing a V-shaped pad

is the best choice for a comfortable sleep, as it follows the lines of the body. Side guides prevent air from moving through the cells, which maintains uniform thickness and thermal insulation. After resting on the ground, the mat is easily cleaned of debris and moisture. The material of the tourist inflatable mat

The material from which the inflatable mat

is made has high strength and low weight, moisture-repellent, which gives us durability and comfort when using it. easy inflation of the tourist inflatable mat

The valves on the mat and cushion connect

to allow quick and easy inflation of the mat. And also a pillow under the ear)

Valve tourist inflatable mat Travel inflatable mat is great for camping, picnic, travel, tourism, etc.

Reviews of the Tourist inflatable mat:

Коврик супер. Спасибо! Еще не ходила с ним в поход, но и так видно, что вещь сделана качественно и соответствует своей цене. Еще немного потеплеет и пойду тестировать на природе)