Tourist equipment

Survival whistle

Survival whistle

  • Product name: High decibel outdoor rescue emergency whistles
  • Manufacturing food grade hygiene stainless steel
  • Field rescue tool edc whistle
  • Size: 58mm * 18mm
  • Color: dark gray, black
  • Price:
    174 грн
    Code: 1455

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    We are glad to present you a survival whistle.

    The whistle is an indispensable equipment for hiking or climbing mountains.

    Whistle to see

    This whistle can also be used to train animals.

    The whistle is loud enough and operates at 150 decibels.

    Size: 58 x 18 sm. Whistle 150 decibels

    Also, the survival whistle has a nice design and a mount for a backpack.

    High frequency whistle

    You can order a survival whistle on our website or by phone.

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