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Hammock Naturehike

Hammock Naturehike

  • Size: Single 290 * 148 cm, double 290 * 180 cm
  • Weight: Single 600 g, double 690 g
  • Model NH17D012
  • Material: Ponge with tear resistance 340T
  • Loads over 180 kg
  • Price:
    493 грн
    Code: 1458

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    We are glad to present you our Naturehike hammock.

    The Naturehike hammock will give you only the best outdoor experience.

    Double hammock

    Thanks to the wear-resistant material and tear resistance 340T, the Naturehike hammock will serve you for a long time.

    The Naturehike hammock also handles loads over 180 kilograms.

    Naturehike hammock

    There is also a version for two people that can brighten up your vacation with your soul mate.

    Naturehike double hammock

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