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The hammock net Naturehike

The hammock net Naturehike

  • Model: NH18D002-C
  • Fabric: 210T high fiber nylon
  • Trachea material: TPU
  • Weight: 790g ~ 824g
  • Load capacity: <200kg
  • Price:
    218 грн
    Code: 1461

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    We are glad to present you Naturehike hammock net.

    The mesh is made from nylon, which gives it high strength and reliability.

    Net for hammock

    The net also has a good double-sided lock.

    The Naturehike hammock net will help you fully enjoy your outdoor activities or in the yard.

    Naturehike mosquito net

    The Naturehike hammock net is compact when folded, so it can easily fit anywhere.

    mosquito net for hammock

    You can place an order for a Naturehike hammock net on our website or by phone.

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