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Pillow Naturehike

Pillow Naturehike

  • Weight: 0.072kg
  • Width, mm: 440 mm
  • Length, mm: 280 mm
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Country of origin: China
  • Price:
    120 грн
    Code: 1478

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    We are glad to present you a Naturehike travel pillow.

    The Naturehike inflatable pillow is a very convenient thing for traveling in cars, tourism, or just when relaxing in nature.

    Naturehike pillow

    The Naturehike pillow is deflated, which will make it very convenient to pack it both in a backpack and in a regular purse.

    Inflatable pillow

    The Naturehike pillow will help you feel comfortable in any environment, be it a bus, tent, car or hammock.

    You can order a Naturehike pillow on our website or by phone.

    Naturehike inflatable pillow

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